LESCO Bill April 2024

Check LESCO bill online at onlinebillmepco.pk It is a free website where you can View ,Download and Print your lesco bill online. Here you can check your Current bill amount, due date, and see the full bill. You can download copy of the bill, or print out your lesco wapda bill for payment. So, enter your 14 digit reference number or 10 digit customer id below to check your lesco bill online.

New LESCO bill within Due date up to April-24-2024 are available to Download

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New LESCO bills for due date up to April-24-2024 are available to download

To  LESCO online bill check, you just need to know your 14 digit reference number . You can also check your bill by 7 digit Customer ID or Consumer ID.REFERENCE NO and CUSTOMER ID is easy to find which is on the left side of your electricity bill.

About LESCO (Lahore Electric Supply Company):

LESCO abbreviation is simple, it stands for Lahore Electric Supply Company. LESCO is an Electric distribution company which supply Electricity in 5 districts of Punjab Pakistan like Lahore, Sheikhupura, Okara, Nankana and Kasur.if you are the resident of these districts you can online lesco bill check on this website free of Cost.

LESCO Circle:

As we Know that LESCO operates in big Districts of Punjab that’s why operations of LESCO divides in to 8 circle Area an more than 100 Divisions.

Area CircleNumber of Divisions
Central Lahore Circle5 Divisions / 31 Sub Divisions
North Lahore Circle5 Divisions / 28 Sub Divisions
Eastern Lahore Circle
4 Divisions / 23 Sub Divisions
South-Eastern LHR Circle
4 Divisions /26 Sub Divisions
Sheikhupura Circle4 Divisions / 18 Sub Divisions
Okara Circle
4 Divisions / 23 Sub Divisions
Nankana Circle4 Divisions / 16 Sub Divisions
Kasur Circle5 Divisions / 30 Sub Divisions
LESCO Operation Circle

Is it possible to Check the LESCO bill Online from all over the world?

Yes, it is possible to Check the LESCO bill from anywhere in the world. You can view, download, and print your duplicate bill lesco from anywhere in the world through the website onlinebillmepco.pk Just click on the link and enter your reference number or unique Customer key to lesco bill check online in just a few seconds.

Step By Step Guide to LESCO Bill Online Check

Just in 5 Steps you can view, download and Print your LESCO Bill Online

1: visit website onlinebillmepco.pk

2: Enter your 14 digit Reference Number or 10 digit Costumer ID.

3: Now Click on Download BILL button.

4:Than final step is PRINT your bill free of cost.