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MEPCO Bill SMS Registration – Get Your Bill On Phone

Do you want convenient and efficient access to your MEPCO (Multan Electric Power Company) bills? Look no further! MEPCO now offers SMS registration so he can receive electricity bills directly from his mobile phone. This article guides you through MEPCO invoice SMS registration. We’ll also show you how to get your bill over the phone. There was a time when you had to wait for your electricity bill to arrive in the mail. Also, he had to come to the MEPCO office to inquire about the bill. MEPCO offers a convenient solution to receiving electricity bills over the phone through SMS registration. Choose MEPCO’s bill SMS service to save time and effort while tracking utility bills.

How to Check MEPCO Demand Notice Online

Benefits of MEPCO Billing SMS Registration

Sign up for MEPCO Bill SMS and receive a variety of benefits to enhance your billing experience. This service benefits are:


With SMS registration, you no longer need to rely on the postal service or go to the MEPCO office to receive your utility bill. Bills are delivered to your mobile phone, saving you time and effort.

Instant notification:

Get instant billing notifications so you never miss a payment deadline. This helps you avoid late payment penalties and ensures a smooth billing process.


With your electricity bill on your phone, you can access it anytime, anywhere. You can easily access billing data on the go.

How to Register for MEPCO Bill SMS

Signing up for MEPCO Billing SMS is a simple process that can be completed in a few steps. Follow the steps below to get started.

Open the messaging app on your phone.

Compose your message.

In the recipient field, enter the MEPCO SMS registration number provided by your power company.

Enter “REG” in the message body followed by your 14-digit power usage number. Please enter the consumer number correctly to avoid problems.

Send a message to MEPCO’s SMS registration number.

After completing these steps, you will receive a confirmation message that you have successfully registered for MEPCO Billing SMS.

SMS Registration

Procedure for Receiving MEPCO Bills via SMS

After subscribing to MEPCO Billing SMS, you will receive your electricity bill directly on your mobile phone.

To access your invoices:

Keep your phone’s Messages app open.

Wait for SMS notification from MEPCO.

Once you receive the message, open it to see your electricity bill details.

The bill contains relevant information such as the billing period, due date, total amount and additional charges.

Save the invoice for future reference or take a screenshot for easy access.

Understanding the SMS Format of MEPCO Bills

To fully understand the details provided in your MEPCO bill SMS, let’s take a look at the format commonly used:

  • Bill Header: The bill header contains important information such as the billing month, due date, and customer details.
  • Billing Period: This section specifies the duration for which the bill is generated, typically a month.
  • Bill Summary: The bill summary provides a concise overview of the total amount due, any previous balance, and additional charges, if applicable.
  • Meter Reading: In this section, you will find the meter reading details, including the previous and current meter readings.
  • Unit Consumption: The unit consumption section displays the total units consumed during the billing period.
  • Tariff Details: This section outlines the tariff rates and calculations used to determine the bill amount.
  • Payment Options: MEPCO bill SMS often includes information about various payment methods and channels.

Understanding these sections will help you interpret your MEPCO bill SMS accurately.


MEPCO’s Bill SMS Signup provides a convenient and hassle-free way to receive utility bills directly from your mobile phone. Access your bills anytime, anywhere by following a simple registration process and staying connected via SMS. Say goodbye to traditional email and enjoy instant notifications and easy access. Simplify your billing experience by signing up for MEPCO Bill SMS today. 

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